Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life Lately

Oops.... it's been a while, and by a while I actually mean months. Things have been super crazy at our house and I thought that summer would bring a slower pace, but it seems like things are just picking up speed. 

For those of you that don't know, I started writing a book as my new years resolution and (mostly) finished in in April, although I still have many rounds of heavy editing and rewriting to do on it. Then I started writing my second book (and my third), neither of which are finished yet, but I've definitely caught the writing bug. 

I always dreamed that one day I would be an author, and it wasn't until Lincoln was born that I decided to stop waiting around for the "right time" and to just do it. (Thanks Nike for that handy slogan)

So, while I'll still be writing here occasional, detailing all of my teacher things, I also have another web page where I hope to publish information about my books that will hopefully one day be published! You can find out more information at

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for the Littles

Part III of our Gift Guide is here! We've shared our gifts for him and for her and now it's time for those adorable littles in your life! All of these great gifts are under $100 too!

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Holiday Gift Guide for Her

We're back with Part II of my Holiday Gift Guide series. Yesterday we talked about gifts for the mister in your life. Today is all about the ladies. All of the gifts below are UNDER $100!

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